New PA Form Can Help Speed Up Approvals

September 20, 2019 | by CPS


CPS has updated our PA form to help lead to quicker approvals. The form better highlights the date to back date the PA and directs on how to receive approval notifications.

Important reminders when working on a PA:

  • PAs must be approved and billed within 90 days of dispense
  • PAs must be backdated to date they were filled. The back date can be found in two spots, in bold at the top of the new form.
  • When PAs are ready to be rebilled, please email Heather Poling at
  • DONs are encouraged to use when filling out a PA. The new PA form will have a covermymeds key listed. Use this key to pull up a form to submit the PA through the website. A notifications will be sent to Heather Poling and the DON once the PA is approved.
  • Questions about filling out a PA? Contact Heather Poling at or call (877) 626-3110, ext 101.

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