Medication needs can arise at any time. CPS partners with your facility by accepting new orders, new admits and STAT orders, 24/7.

Refills are accepted six days a week.

Order Process

Placing your medication orders should be a simple process. CPS makes it easy with a ‘Call, Tell, Fax’ approach.
  • Call – Always call CPS first to ensure new orders receive immediate attention , any time of day at (513) 644-1600, or toll-free (877) 626-3110. Refills do not require a call.
  • Tell – When you call, tell a CPS professional when the order is being sent or if you have any other needs
  • Fax – After the call, fax new orders, to (513) 644-1580, or toll-free (877) 454-1581 for 24/7 fulfillment. Refills are accepted six days a week.

Our pharmacists are always on call to help meet your medication and supply needs.

Communication Tracking

Always call CPS first, regardless of the need. Telephone calls and fax communication made to CPS are tracked using an intuitive, paperless system. CPS can match orders with digital documentation to allow for fast, efficient order entry, verification and delivery.

CPS offers integration with PointClickCare. This standards-based solution supports the seamless, real-time electronic exchange of medication information and pharmacy orders.

Submitting orders to CPS through PointClickCare allows your facility to:

  • Streamline medication administration processes to easliy manage the entire order cycle
  • Eliminate duplication related to order communication, transcription and transmission
  • Improve staff efficiency and redirect time spent on manual processes to resident care
  • Ensure compliance with easy access to accurate, complete and timely medication information for all residents


CPS is always available to discuss order placement.
For more information, call (513) 644-1600, toll-free (877) 626-3110 or email services@completepharmacysolutions.com.