Medication quantity and dosage varies with every order. CPS partners with your facility by dispensing medication with a focus on improving med pass workload and bettering the quality of life of residents and staff.

This is done with:

  • Unit dose packaging
  • Blister packs for narcotics
  • Elastomeric Ball for IV administration

Unit Dose Packaging

With unit dose packaging, medication waste is reduced and the time consuming task of keeping track of bulk medication is lessened.

  • Medication is sealed in an individual pill pack
  • Medication waste is reduced because unused individually packaged medication can be returned to CPS for a refund
  • Controlled substance blister packs allow nurses to perform a quick inventory of the remaining medication for each resident, making shift to shift counts accurate and quick

Elastomeric Ball

When your residents require an IV, their quality of life should not be impacted. CPS offers a unique, portable alternative for residents needing an IV, the Elastomeric Ball.

The Elastomeric Ball is a safe, convenient option providing a variety of benefits for residents and nurses.

  • The circular shape and convenient size allows for the Elastomeric Ball to fit in a resident’s pocket
  • Residents can move freely and without restriction, ultimately improving their quality of life
  • IV pole and pump are not needed
  • Available in two sizes, 100 cc and 250 cc
  • The Elastomeric Ball enhances your nurse’s time and efficiency

The medication in the Elastomeric Ball is compounded at CPS and delivered directly to your facility.


CPS is always available to discuss medication dispensing.
For more information, call (513) 644-1600, toll-free (877) 626-3110 or email services@completepharmacysolutions.com.