Pricing and Billing

Medication costs and billing can bring a variety of questions. As your pharmacy partner, CPS wants to makes sure your facility and residents have answers to how our process works.

Our Approach to Pricing

CPS uses a cost-effective approach to medication pricing. Formulas discounting the Average Wholesale Price (AWP) are used to determine the cost of brand and generic medications.

We offer two convenient payment options
  • Per diem, and
  • Fee for service
  • It is always our goal to minimize your facility’s pharmacy spend, while at the same time provide the highest level of customer service.

    Who is Billed?

    Once payer type is determined, we pay close attention to where the charges should go. All billing decisions are based solely on the resident’s specific situation.
    • If the resident is in skilled care, managed care or is a veteran, all medication charges are billed to the healthcare facility.
    • If the resident is on Medicaid, we bill Medicaid directly. Anything not covered is charged to the healthcare facility.
    • If the resident is not on Medicaid, isn’t in skilled or managed care, and is considered private pay, CPS will bill the resident directly.

    For more information on pricing, contact Travis Theiss at (513) 641-1600 or

    Convenietly Pay with Online Bill Pay

    CPS offers Online Bill Pay. A convenient way for residents or their families to pay their CPS pharmacy bill. Click Bill Pay in the top right corner of each and enroll today. Once enrolled, choose checking account or credit card payment and follow the instructions.

    You can also make payments over the phone by calling our billing team. Simply call (513) 644-1600, option 2, or toll-free (877) 454-1581, option 2. Our billing department is available Monday-Friday, 9 am-3 pm.

    You can email our billing department with questions at

    Please note, bill payments cannot be made over email.

    Billing questions?

    Our billing team is available Monday-Friday, 9am-3pm

    Please fill out the form below, or call (513) 644-1600, ext 2 or toll-free (877) 626-3110, ext 2

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