Our Pharmacy Team

There are times when waiting until the next day to talk with a pharmacist won’t work. At CPS, pharmacists and pharmacy consultants are available to answer questions and address issues 24/7.


Your CPS pharmacy team is available 24/7 by calling (513) 644-1600, or toll-free (877) 626-3110.

Our pharmacists verify orders prior to medication fill, as well as after medication fill to make sure the correct medication is going to each facility. This is done to provide an extra level of service and security.

Pharmacy Consultants

When partnering with CPS, your healthcare facility is assigned a Pharmacy Consultant who will provide insight and recommendations on a variety of topics. Pharmacy Consultants are in house and always on call. Your healthcare facility will receive your Pharmacy Consultant’s direct cell phone number to contact when needed.

Consulting services include, but are not limited to:
  • Drug regimen review and recommendations, including gradual dose reduction
  • Med cart audits and reviews with nurses
  • Updates on various pharmaceutical topics to ensure compliance
  • Assistance with education programs related to pharmaceutical services
  • Medication pass audits
  • QA/QAPI attendance quarterly with measurable results for quarter compared to previous quarters for facility as well as to measurable results compared to facilities within state and on a national basis


CPS is always available to discuss how our pharmacists or pharmacy consultants work with your staff.
For more information, call (513) 644-1600, toll-free (877) 626-3110 or email services@completepharmacysolutions.com.