Accurate and timely medication delivery is an important step of the prescription fulfillment process.

Dual Verification

Providing an extra level of service and security, CPS performs dual verification on each order.
  • Pharmacist verifies medication orders
  • Once filled, pharmacist verifies with a bar code match to the original order
  • Technician then scans the barcode on site specific totes to ensure the medication goes to the correct facility, creating a delivery receipt detailing all contents

Once the dispensing process is verified, the order is scheduled for delivery.

Convenient Delivery Schedule

CPS offers a comprehensive delivery schedule for your skilled care and rehab facility.
  • Routine delivery six days a week, Monday-Saturday
  • Emergency and STAT delivery, 24/7


CPS is always available to discuss delivery.
For more information, call (513) 644-1600, toll-free (877) 626-3110 or email