Protect your Resident's Health by Destroying Unused Narcotics

Ohio law requires destruction within 10 days

May 26, 2019 | by CPS


Ensuring your residents stay healthy and safe is the top priority. One way to achieve this goal and cut down on medication errors is with timely removal and destruction of unused narcotics.

Per the Ohio Board of Pharmacy, discontinued narcotics must be removed immediately, and destroyed within 10 days. The countdown begins when a resident's controlled substance medication ends.

When the time comes, it's important to only use pharmacy approved nurses and document the destruction of narcotics.

Using Pharmacy Approved Nurses

Two pharamcy approved nurses are required to begin removing and destroying narcotics. These nurses will document and record the entire process.

Staff that can be used, include:

  • - DON, and
  • - Nurse, or
  • - Other pharmacy approved supervisory nurse

Reminders When Destroying Narcotics

  • - Flushing is not an approved method of destruction, so consider keeping a bottle of 'drug destroyer' in a secure area for use with removing patches, etc.
  • - Any lost or stolen controlled substance must be reported to the pharmacy immediately. For instance, a patch is not in place on the shift count and cannot be located.
  • - Please remind staff that the quantity under "Total Count Sheets" on the shift count cannot be changed. This can be viewed as falsification of a drug document. If there is a discrepancy, it must be reported to nursing administration.

Documenting and Recording Narcotics Destruction

Accurate documentation and record keeping is extremely important. The Ohio Board of Pharmacy requires all destruction records to remain at your faciilty for a minimum of three years. They can also request documentation at any time.

To help your facility remain in compliance, Complete Pharmacy Solutions provides each facility with a bound, numbered narcotis destruction inventory log.

Information tracked in the inventory log includes:

  • - Resident Name or RX#
  • - Drug Name and Dosage
  • - Strength
  • - Quantity
  • - Name of Both Nurses
  • - Date Placed in Box

The inventory log page is then signed and stored for easy access.

Timely removal and destruction of unused narcotics can protect your resident's health, reduce medication errors and provide the highest quality of life possible.

Complete Pharmacy Solutions is here to help. When your facility is ready to destroy unused narcotics, is looking to choose two pharmacy approved nurses or needs an inventory log book, please contact your CPS Pharmacy Consultant.

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