Extended After Hour STAT Times

Always call CPS

February 19, 2018 | by CPS


CPS now offers extended pharmacy hours to fill your after hour STATs. New hours went into effect on February 12, 2018. This is being done to increase customer service and minimize back-up pharmacy utilization.

With our extended hours, it is more important than ever for your facility to fax and call CPS for all needs, no matter the time of day. CPS on-call pharmacists are able to access faxed orders and help with appropriate utilization.

When orders are faxed directly to back-up pharmacy, without calling CPS, we will not be able to meet the desired outcome.

The extended CPS pharmacy after hour STAT times are:

  • - Until Midnight on weekdays
  • - Until 10pm on weekends

What isn't changing?

  • - Cut off times - Remaining the same as before the extended hours
  • - Deliveries - Going out during the week and on Saturday consistent with current practice

Please share our new after hour STAT times with your staff. Reinforce the importance of always faxing CPS, then calling us directly.

Questions? Contact CPS by phone at (877) 626-3110, or by email services@completepharmacysolutions.com.

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